Had my 20 week anatomy scan today. (Only a month late at 24 weeks because tricare is a stupid stupid thing)

Elijah is pretty healthy as far as I can tell but of course I won’t know the results until my next appointment at the end of the month. These are the only pictures I have to upload right now because the rest are on a disc and we don’t have a computer atm.

He’s breech, so hopefully he moves. He’s also laying right on my aorta and the pulse from it is making him bounce up and down. I KNEW I wasn’t crazy when I felt my stomach pulsating and it wasn’t his hiccups or my heartbeat. It’s cause he’s on a little “Ashley’s Insides” trampoline.

He has discovered his feet already and won’t let go of them or his umbilical cord so I have a feeling getting him to keep his socks on is gonna be reaaaaallly difficult lol. He had his hand around his foot almost the entire ultrasound. He also kicked me really hard about 5 times and it was so bizarre getting to watch it and feel it at the same time.

The sonographer DID say something though about his cord/bellybutton being messed up and that he will need surgery but I didnt quote understand what she was saying. She made it sound like some particles that are supposed to be INSIDE him are floating around in his sac with him but the doctors can easily get everything back in and stitch him up? Idek. She didn’t seem concerned or alarmed though so I won’t be. She made it sound common.

He’s also very very quite definitely a boy, that was confirmed. I mean he flashed us his parts at my 16 week ultrasound but since it was so early you always kinda get that doubt that maybe they saw it wrong. Nope the tech said he is 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT a boy. He flashed us his scrotum like twice today. Good to know everything is there Elijah thank you for showing me lol.

He has some pretty chubby cheeks. The pictures don’t show much but god damn when he turned over the tech and I were like YEAH HE TAKES AFTER ME WITH THOSE CHEEKS. I mean we can tell they’re chubby from a flipping 2D ultrasound, so I’m excited to see just how defined his little face is in 5 or 6 weeks with the 3D/4D

I think that’s pretty much it. The little booger is so stubborn. She tried for seriously a good 20 minutes just to get him to move so we could see his face and he was like nah bitch I don’t think so.

[Posted December 5th, 2013 at 6:25 PM]
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